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The Best Chair for You– Review

May 23, 2017

Being big and tall shouldn’t be a negative characteristic but finding products designed for your build is frustrating. And more people are turning to the internet for help. More often than not, the styles are limited and you’re left choosing between something that looks nice but doesn’t last, or something that is unappealing but functions well. When working all day in an office, or even at home, you’ll want to find a chair that can support not only your back but the weight and length of your body. Having a chair that is also easy to clean and durable is another factor to keep in mind. Finding a product that meets all of these requirements might sound impossible, but I assure you, it is not. With dozens of chairs out there today, I wanted to focus on only one. The one that meets and exceeds customer expectations, doesn’t break the bank, and is at the top of the big and tall office chair chart.


The specs on this office chair is enough to convince almost anyone. With a 3″ thick padded seat, a 24 hour rating and a 400 lb weight limit, this chair can withstand and endure everyday use over and over again. The arms adjust forward and backward and the seat tilts as well, making every turn and adjustment easy and comfortable. The strain from sitting all day is terrible for your back. Having proper support and a seat that doesn’t pinch and squeeze will take the pressure off and hopefully take away pain from having to sit all day.

Other features include:

  • Seat height adjustments
  • Back depth and pitch adjustments
  • A 27″ base diameter
  • Steel base with aluminum finish
  • Anti microbial/bacterial vinyl covering
  • Easy to clean
  • Comes knocked down– easy to put together
  • Great warranty when purchased through authorized seller
  • Colors include: wine, navy, charcoal and black

It’s no secret that finding chairs suitable for those that are big and or tall is difficult. You might stumble across a product that looks legitimate but be aware of the specs. Knowing the weight limit, the base diameter and all other features will save you from pain and potential money lost.

The OFM 247 VAM will keep you feeling comfortable and supported. Don’t settle because you think you have to. This high ranking chair is perfect for all kinds of bodies and can keep up to the wear and tear of long hours spent at the office. Don’t believe me? Just read the customer reviews!





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